What I’m working on Now


The EP ‘Polar’ is released. I’ve been to see Phil Walker for Guitar Sessions and working on my next EP songs which will have more of a Rock feel.


Every day I’ve been working on songs. Now I move to release mode. Off performing on Royal Caribbean this week but will be doing a lot from the laptop.


Immersing myself in music like I haven’t done for years. Daily listening, comping, brainproducing, fine tuning. I’m going to drop this EP without any notice. Studio in 2 days will be an all nighter. I have a list.


I started on March 5 and continuing strong in my new studio. I have also reconnected with a great friend and brilliant producer, and we are very close to releasing an EP. Many hours in the studio since my last /now entry, and more to come.


I have found the new Studio in London I’ll be working on to record my next release. Fortress studio in Old St. I did some training on their equipment last week. I start there on March 5.


Back in Leicester for a week break from London. Wrote a new song and nailed the guitar to track. It’s working title is ‘Cheapskate babe at the silent disco’


Saw a band called Aquilo on Thursday. Also checked out a new London studio. I have no piano or guitar for the next 7 days so making the most of the different brain space.


I’ve wound up Forest Studios and now working from home with new equipment and a renewed creative flow. Since my last update I’ve done a 10 day backpacking trip across Southern Europe, gigged in the UK and Ireland and continued running my flat as an airbnb. Musically I am working on Piano songs mainly.


Vocals in the Forte room, weekend gigs.


2 consecutive days recording in the Forest and a planned 3 more next week. Lockdown in London.


This week stepping out of the creative space and getting down to (mainly) music business. I like to keep the two separate. A good week sending and returning important emails, and working on my website.


Forest studio is set up. Last 2 weeks I’ve been tracking drums, bass and guitars and doing little else. Head down bum up.


I’ve spent the last week setting up the Forest studio. Jos and I turned a blank, empty room into a beautiful recording space. It took 2 days of hard yakka. Followed by 3 days of sessions/tryouts for musicians to work on the new album


Contacting musicians and organising sessions in the new studio starting next week.


Thursday I took out a 1 month lease on a studio space in South London. My friend Jos and I are setting up a studio there. bought a drum kit and spent the day stripping it down and changing it’s colour.


Studio/Producer visit tomorrow as a potential location for new album recording. Jared Hascheck, an old friend from Melbourne, is doing some Piano arrangements for me in preparations for pre-production.


Been back in London for the last week to demo the album tracks. Got them all done in 4 days. Tonight back home to Leicester. Gig in Wirral on the weekend.


Getting back to my own bed and my own head after the trip. Clearing the inbox. No guitar or piano in my flat at the moment so a bit lost.


Penned 9 songs for the next album, all written in the same month, in the same room. 2 Gigs in the next 2 days, including NYE at the Venue, London. Hope to get 1 more song started before I fly away on 1 Jan for a month. Visiting friends and family, and some co-writing in Surfers.



Original songwriting, abandoning preconceptions, getting into the zone

+ 3 birthday parties.


Helping my housemate with songwriting for his Musical Theatre Client this week.


Saturday, Manchester to do a gig  with the Take That Experience.

Sunday, Leicester to see a guy I just signed to my agency do a gig.

Monday, Austria to shoot some hoops with my awesome cousin, Sam.


Recording piano song.


Rehearsing a piano song for recording later this week. That’s all I’m focussing on.