Short term memory

I’ve been using an app which has become so integral to organising my life, that my brain is suffering.

Boomerang for Gmail has made me more productive. I never miss a follow up. I never forget a meeting. I am always reminded of my priorities. And it’s been working great.

But now I’m feeling my short term memory is getting worse. I’m not exercising it. The app has become a replacement for my short term memory

I want to stop using it but I fear I will forget something really important.

A Derek Sivers podcast reminded me today.. whatever you fear… do that.

So I’m going to do it.

🌲The Forest for the Trees

The Forest for the Trees Project is a collection of my original songs, to be recorded in a new studio in South London, April/May 2016.

I’ve taken out a lease on a creative space in Forest Hill and with the help of my friend Jos, we will be setting up a recording space for the project – “The Forest”.

I’m a professional songwriter and performer.

My vision for this project is quality, well produced music that captures a moment in time, and speaks to people’s hearts. The positive studio vibe, and core group of players who will be involved are really important in achieving this. Ideally the same core group of players will record the whole album.

Studio will be equipped with drum kit and 88 note keyboard. Bassist and guitarist bring pedal boards if necessary. Amps not required as we will go through the desk channels. Bring a separate head if you like but not necessary. If any questions please contact Jos (details below).

I like simplicity. Sometimes making an album it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. For this project I’m all about getting out of the way and letting the music flow. The melodies and lyrics in my writing gravitate easily towards pop and rock but there will be an alternative edge, a splash of country and plenty of room for creativity in pre-production. Live instruments and capturing the studio vibe will be central to the project. I want everyone involved to feel a part of the creative process, enjoy the sessions and be proud of the result.

Musician tryouts/ rehearsals will be week starting 11 April. Recording will start soon after and you would have to be available weekdays.

We are looking for professional, and easy going musicians. There is a small budget for sessions and musicians costs.
If you’re interested in coming along to one of the try-out sessions April, please drop me a line.

The Now Movement

I have a ‘Now’ page:

It’s about broadcasting what I’m focussed on at a given moment in time. And also as a reminder to myself not to be distracted.

About the movement by Derek Sivers:

I’ve been following Derek since I went to Musexpo LA 2006. He’s a likeable entrepeneur and whom I see as a highly productive and connected individual.

I push on a lot of doors, but I walk through too many that are off track. Recently 2 doors have closed on me. 2 Projects have ended. This is a good thing. I can’t be in 5 places at once.


Mix, Croatia, Master.

… (in that order).

Darren Carikas (Ghostmachine Producer) and I finished the mixes to my 2013 album ‘Mint’ 2 weeks ago in London, just in time for Darren to rent a boat and go sailing around Croatia listening to the songs.

Ok… so this trip was Darren’s holiday,  but perfect timing as it’s good to have a nice gap between mix and master, listening to the mixes on different players, through different types of speakers and in different environments. It’s the time to let the mixes ‘ripen’ and to find any last minute changes to get them sitting just perfectly.

The tracks sound great in London, and I’m looking forward to Darren’s review of how well they work in the warm Adriatic.

Mastering this week. Release the first track soon after. Wow.

kopandy, mint
Mint Album Cover


Mailing list peeps – long time no list!

Hi All,

It’s been a little while since, well, I did a post to my mailing list. Which is downright bad. You guys should be getting the info first… so whilst the cat is out of the bag about my new album, you’re the first to hear some detail about it.

Since I finished the House of Finnegan last year, I have been wanting to stay creative. This happened in a big way.. by me bringing a new album of my own songs into the world – Mint.

kopandy, mint
Mint Album Cover

Mint is a full length album chock full of singable tunes. This is my happiest sounding record.  Thematically it’s lighter, tappier, singalongable and warm.

Hope you like the new too. It’s lighter.. like the record. Hope you can smile along with me.

There are so many ways to keep in contact. I’m on all the main social networks, but the best way is to subscribe to my Youtube channel. There’s a whole lot of stuff there, including the full LA video diary, and live clips from the past, me talking like a dicknut, whatever takes your fancy.

Promise I won’t leave you out in the cold again. Lots of good news to come.

Love from London.