Frozen in Love

Here in this place I am torn apart

Breathing in and holding

And waiting for you to call

I am frozen in love without you

Don’t let me think of the things you have said

I’m confused, where are you?

I’m still waiting for you to call

I am frozen in love without you

Don’t let me think what would be if I lost you

Don’t make me start again


I was in the spotlight

From an early age

I was learning quickly

I would make mistakes

Life was all around me

Reaching out to take

That’s the thing about me

There’s no time to waste

Old, don’t wanna get old

Beat, beat, beat, my heart beats slow

Capture every moment

Growing up too fast

Do I leave it broken

Call it innocence?

Am I missing something

In my thousand songs?

If you’re looking at me

I’m just watching on

Old, Don’t wanna get old

Beat, my heart beats slow

Am I missing something?

Am I not quite there?

Put your arms around me

Make me miss you more

I can see the future

Get me out of here

I can see the future

In the memories

Old, don’t wanna get old

Beat, beat, beat, my heart beats slow

Is there more than heaven?

There has got to be

Bigger than John Lennon

Make the people see

Leave a candle burning

Pass the flame along

With a final prayer

To a silent God

Deep Space Connection

We don’t explain

Away our love

Stay on the page

We wrote it off

So much to say

Best left unsaid

You turned away

I understand

When you’re near you feel so far

When you’re gone you feel so near

It’s spiritual

We made mistakes

To keep us close

You go away

I’m not alone

We are the same

We are the sum

You are my brain

We are the one

When you’re near you feel so far

When you’re gone you feel so near

It’s spiritual

All These Friends

All these friends that I chase

Promise everything

Promise time to spend

Too polite to save face

I am lonely here

Waiting for someone to stay

I would champion a change

I would wait for it

I’ve been waiting for

Someone’s hand to appear

A hand of openness and sincerity


Please don’t get in my way

Walk beside me

All these friends that I chase

Try another one

Trying anything

Too much effort to waste

Bundled up in here

Break me out of it I pray

Please don’t get in my way

Walk beside me

Paint the road with our feet

Brush all my tears away

Make it clear to me

That you’ll stay

All these friends that I chase

Only one I need

Be the one for me

Put your face to my face

Land your hands on me

Push the loneliness away

Love 1

Love will be the one thing in this world

I can try to find it

I can try to lose it

Love will be the one thing in this world

There must be a reason for that girlOne day we’ll be together

One day we’ll be foreverAnd all the things we can’t believe

And all the things that we don’t need

Will burn away

Now that I have your Sex

I was looking

And enjoying

I was watching

And enjoying

And you knew it

And you put on a show for meI brought you out

And you’re feeling better now

Now that I have your sexI was waiting

I was patient

It was building

And you knew it

Lying in your arms

Lying in your arms the world stands still

Lying in your arms the silence is a thrill

Lying in your arms we breathe in time

And we won’t stop breathingI crash into your eyes

In a HeartbeatLying in your arms time slows down

I see it passing by

Lying in your arms there’s no one else around

There’s no place to hide

Lying in your arms there’s nothing else I need

You’re the water I drink and the air I breatheDance with me tonight

Take a chance with me

Stay here all night- It’s the only plan I have

It will be alright

Not a lot to Say

How do you feel tonight?

Staring at the phone

is it time to break the silence?

Why are we both alone?

It’s not quite right

But we can’t help where our home is

And the heart cries out

What is all of this about?

Trying to understand the way love works

If it’s scientific

Then how come what we made

Disagrees with it?

One day when we grow older

It’ll become clearThere’s not a lot to say

You’re all alone, and I’m all alone

I should be there

There’s not a lot to say

we’re all alone and we feel this way

it’s crazyBefore I went away

Long before I put us in this place

Before I made mistakes

I thought I had it sorted

But I can’t forget your face

Do you believe in make believe?

And fairytales and happy endings?

Don’t waste a kiss

Cause the love we’ve got could be just thisHow do you know the time that it takes you?

How do you know as time goes by?

How do you know if love’s gotta break you?

How do you know if you don’t just try?#

Paris In The Winter

Lying in empty parks with wind as cold as ice

Watching the lamppost lines of trees against the sky

Writing a fairytale against the sky of grey

Now I’m back in Paris

I don’t know what to sayCause it’s hard to know which way to go

Without youDrifting away, we put the river to shame

Going nowhere up the cold Champs-Elysees

And the city framed your face

And it takes me back to that place

Where I was not alone in Paris

This world is just a mazeI’ll trade up all my summers

For Paris in the winter

Falls To You

Time slows down

Tell me where now

Are you hiding from me? Flying slowly?

Winding up as it bears down

Is our number at the end this round?Corner me with your sweet dreams

Now I’m shouldering uncontrollable things

Take me out, give me peace now

Cause I’m still a slave to how you make me feelAnd the hand with which you hold me

Is the hand which breaks my heart

It falls to youLook up there in the thin air

Can you see us drifting? Disappearing?

I can’t rest ‘till I make sense

Of my hopes and dreams in middle distanceAnd I’ll crawl up to your ankles


Empty dance floor


All the girls were pretty but all the boys were shy

Cause we were falling in love at first sight

Everything was scary because it felt so right

Seventeen was right honey seventeenI remember how you’d say love was the thing to be inDo you remember when I took your hand and smiled?

Looked into your eyes

We couldn’t dance to dance our lives

It didn’t matter cause the music didn’t lie

We had the time of our lives

And we were dancing in the sky

Seventeen was right

Honey seventeenAnd the way you looked at me

1997teenTonight the stars are our mirrorball

Seventeen for life

Honey seventeen

Falling Stars are Breaking Up

She wants to go

Looking alone for something

And I don’t know

What she’s gonna find

Now she’s all alone

When engines drone

And take her for the sky

We don’t see eye to eye

Overthrow all of the plans we’re making

Cross fade into another life

And there’s nothing sweet

About this so called ‘bittersweet’ goodbye

We don’t see eye to eyeFalling stars don’t mean that much

When you’re a world away they look so beautiful

Still they’re breaking up like us

And they’re alone without a friend to keep ‘em warmShe believes the ocean’s just a fine line

Feeding me to follow her with the tide

But a path that’s drawn in sand won’t last

And I am left behind

We don’t see eye to eyeBut I’m gonna wait a beat for her

When she’s on satellite delay

And I’m gonna be the beach for her

When she comes home to me I prayCorona and LimeRadio station promotion croissant

In my hot little hand from the coffee I bought

Last night was awesome and now I’m awake

To a world I was looking for and I cannot wait

I must have slept under the Brandenberg GateAnd why is that man with a gun yelling at me?

And if I spoke German I’d probably be scared

He thinks that I’m drunken and English and homeless

And he leaves me alone cause he knows I don’t care

Yeah he goes cause he knows I don’t careNow I remember last night

Corona and LimeWhere did that Mexican girl that I fell for

Go when she left me alone on the dance floor?

Probably back to her hotel room floor

28 storeys come hell or high walls

I’d have been happy to sleep on her floorRemember last night

Corona and Lime

Another Corona and Lime

I was kissed by a Mexican girl for the first time last nightNow I’m waking up underground so I must be dead

Cause the underground stations are not open yet

No the U-bahn hasn’t started up yetThe WireDying to sleep

But my eyes aren’t closing

I’m on the wire

Going round in these circles

I grind to beginning

I’m still on the wire

If the night is a love song

What will I be singing

When one day I wake and you’re gone?

But the night’s not falling

It just sinks like a stoneLove be my song

Let your love be my song – I’ll sing itThe moon’s like a pill

It just twists and distracts you

I’m still on the wire

The sky’s like a pillow I can’t get my head into

And I’m wondering why

I can hold myself captive

In the walls of my mind

When you’re not at the window

Looking into my eyes

Girl you touch me like lightening

You start me like fire

I need you tonight

I need you tonightLove be my song

Let your love be my song – I’ll sing it

Love be my song

Cause I’m losing my mind

And you’re in itFeverBaby

You’ve seen quite a bit

For lately

Nothing seems to fit

Yeah baby

You’re so quiet when you’re making

All the dumb things sing yeah

Fever ooh yeahThe fever runs in my head

It burns baby burns

Its love baby loveSave me

Cool my frightened brow

I’m crazy

For you and all your words

Yeah baby

You’re all twists and burns for changing

Buildings blue and skies to red

Fever ooh yeahIs this love ooh yeah

Is this love

My loveAll Broke DownSo confused that the words I use

They won’t stick together

A bit like lovers

And my angel’s at the other end

But I can’t get through to herI fade away

From the end of the meaningless

Conversation that we had today

Now I’ve got nothing more to lose

If there was I’d find a wayAnd it all broke down

It all broke down today

And all the sunlight in the world couldn’t break through me

And all that you and I have left

Is me to blameI have become

What my dreams would not condone

So they turn their back on me

Now I’m lying here alone

Holding on to nothing but the way I breathe

So confused that the things I didn’t say

Might have helped us out today

Now I’ve got nothing more to lose

Look around love, be on your wayLost Your MindThe curtains are calling

The posters are down

The end of the evening

Is coming around

She’s out on the concourse

I’m out of my mind

She cuts to the dreaming

The crowd goes quietShe said

Don’t forget this momentWe’re holding together

It’s suddenly real

She dances in time

I try keep her still

She’s lost in the moment

And perfectly quiet

I’m thinking of reasons

She’s thinking of rhymes

She said don’t forget this moment

She said don’t forget what we hadAnd I know I won’t forget it

I won’t leave the truth behind

Cause I know it must be better

To have loved than lost your mindIs everything over

When night fades to day?

We’re falling to sunrise

It gets in the way

Another true story

Fades into a dream

So love is the beauty

Of things unseenAnd I don’t wanna forget you

I still wanna miss you

I still wanna cry

Cause I know it must better

To have loved than lost your mindBreaking BoundariesSo alone in here with you

We cry

So much secrecy we hold from outside

I’m breaking boundaries with you

All nightDangerously in love

We might as well be safe in each other’s arms

I’m breaking boundaries with you

Stay calmAnd we will govern love the way we’re meant to

And we will consummate our constitution

In this room we are in hiding

And we want to be left aloneRock’n’roll, Soho and the CoffeeI get away early

Make my way through buses and trains

But they don’t listen to me

Those city boys with briefcase for brains

So I pick up my guitarCome on you city boys running the world

We’re living the rock’n’roll lifeNow I’m walking at street level

Watching the 8 O’clock show

With a takeaway coffee

Even though I’ve got nowhere to go

And the city boys look busy

They’re always doing overtime

While the Borderline is empty

But we sure as hell packed it out last night

It’s the rock’n’roll lifeCome on you city boys

You song and dance girls

We’re living the rock’n’roll life

And we know what it means to be rightMusic is my therapy

My guitar takes notes

And I paint myself a picture of words

For a song that I wrote

This one’s about rock’n’roll, soho and the coffee

Stars can have their bucks you know

Cause it’s not about the moneyI can teach the world to sing

Cause I believe the rock’n’roll dream’s aliveFalling StarsFalling stars breaking upShe wants to go she wants a change

She used to have a thing for life

She wants it back again

Now she’s all alone when engines drone and take her for the sky

She’s on the rise

Still we don’t see eye to eyeWhen she returns I’ll know she’s mine

But she’s become a star up there and she’s taking her time

Still there’s nothing sweet about this so called ‘bittersweet’ goodbyeAre we farther away than we thought?

Are we stars?

Are we starting to fall?She says to me the ocean’s just a fine line

In between looking into her eyes

Now I’m staring out to sea

But I can’t see what she means tonightBut I’m gonna wait a beat for her when she’s on satellite delay

And I’m gonna be the beach for her when she comes home to me I prayAmsterdamIt’s 45 minutes to Amsterdam

Back to the place where it all began

Trapped in my trench coat

In snow and rain

I’m never falling in love againSo here I am soaking on your doorstep

And cracks are appearing around my footsteps

I warn you I’m leaving before the ice starts melting

I’m never falling in love againStanding on the edge

I’m down to my heart’s last breath

I can’t fall in love with you again


Standing at your door

I’m begging for words to break my fall

I can’t fall in love with you at all

AmsterdamThese melting intentions like flakes of snow

These beautiful visions and down they float

This forest of cobblestone streets

Tell me where does it end?

I’m never falling in love againShould have I tried to wait for the right moment?

Should have I tried? I knowStanding at your door

I can’t breathe in this cold war

I can’t fall in love with you anymore

AmsterdamCastleFears have found a way in me

They hide in wait to steal my destiny

Here we go

Step down on my knees

Tears you know

Drown the words in meFree

Free is all I want

Free from your emotions

Entangled in my heartYou

You’ve done something to me

And you let everybody see

Strange how brutal love can be

Deranged that I can hardly breatheFree

Free is all I want

Freedom from the danger

Of falling through your arms


Hold you by my side

Can’t hold you for any longer girl

It’s written in your eyesI don’t know you

I don’t see you

And I’m alone in this town

Where my heart was with you

And I will go through the night

Lost in these clouds

I can’t feel you

And I can’t see through the dark

That has fallen around

All the things we went through

How I held you

And you’re still haunting this town

But now I don’t know the way out

Do you know how to break through these clouds?

I need away outTruth

Truth is all I know

Truth can be in my room

But I live on my ownSee

See me from afar

See me ghost riding

I know where you areTwo KneesSitting at home with the light on aloneI woke up at 4

The lights were all left on

The window’s open and it’s bringing in a storm

The TV’s raging

I must be on my own

I don’t feel like moving

I don’t feel like moving onBaby can’t you see I’ve only got two knees

And I can’t live confined to all these memoriesI put a coat on, shut the window, stop the rain

I leave a single light on just in case you’re coming back again

I’m waiting up cause I’ve got nothing left to do

I wonder how many more hours until I see you

I pace the hallways and the pages of my head

I’m feeling like I’m bottled up inside this corner of my bed

Every morning starts and ends with heavy nights

I can’t feel you, I can’t feel myself and I don’t feel rightOn the balcony in my drowning symphony

I’m all alone

I’m all the way down

On the balcony I’ve left a light on can’t you see?Now every night wins the fight for my attention

And the eleventh hour was long ago but I’m not sleeping

We need more space and time

I know that’s what you’re thinking

But baby space and time

Aren’t supposed to be the same dimensionMiss DelicateShe waits for a ride

Café’s warm but the outside’s freezing

It’s just another night

It didn’t work and she’s lost that feelingBut she doesn’t know

Love is around the corner waiting for herMaybe she’s lonely

Maybe she’s underrated

It’s a beautiful story

She’s a beautiful writer of it

She closes her eyes

She dreams of warm conversations

Of the night time and fine wine occasionsBe patient and stay with it

You’re on your own now

But you’re safe in the scheme of things

Won’t let you fall down

When you’re faced with a calling

You’ve got to go there

And that’s when you’ll find it

Then it will be clear

Just hold out babyElbows on the bar

Holding her smile up above her heart

Sliding like a side car

She wants to hold on to what she hasn’t gotRSVPI’ve got nothing to hold onto

Except all the things I lose

And I’m lost in a beautiful past with you

And don’t you know itI give too much of myself away

And you listen silently

There must be something that you could say

To break this silence

Make it go awayDo I say I still love you if I do?

Or do I play a game so cruel?I wait

I’m biding my time with songs

The ones that you hooked me on

I wait on open-ended situations

I’ve unwrapped another oneFirst KissI say to you what life is this that we share together?

There could be love here

And you’re telling me you need a friend

But there must be more to this

If you could see

All the good things that we’ve both got going here

Then I believe

A little less conversation could be all we need

So baby get in line

And I’ll look you in the eye

If it takes too much time

We’ll never realizeAll the world is waiting for

Are sparks to fly

And words to fall away

All the world is waiting for tonight

Is you and I to get this first kiss over withI’m holding on to the look in your eyes when we locked together

In just that moment

And I made a little move to find

Where you’re heart’s been hiding

There’s more to say

I’ll give a little bit more

Every day you’re with me

Keep you hanging on

I’ll be holding you there

And you won’t escape meYou could be the one I love

The one I fall for

The only one for meCarry OnCome on, come to me

Because you’ve been so far away

All I do is miss you incredibly

So desperately

Sunshine you can warm me

But starlight, you’re so far away

And its going to be a long time darling till you get to me

But will you be my star anyway?Tonight honey

The stars will never shine brighter than your eyes

I’ll carry on honey

Waiting for the next time I hold you tight

Tonight honey

The stars will never shine brighter than your eyes

And if you’re mine honey

It’s gonna be a long time but that’s alrightBaby do you think of me?

Do you think that I’m crazy waiting here for you?

Well it’s probably true, but hey, you got me

So I don’t know what else I can do

Tidal WaveBaby I’m on your tidal wave of lovin

You’re holding me and you take away my breathing

I’m falling down your beautiful face

I’m riding through your beautiful daysHey, can you give me a wave?

Sweetie my babe

I feel like getting my feet wet todayBaby I’m on your tidal wave of lovin

I’m drinking strawberry lemonade and floating

I’m feeling effortlessly embraced

It feels like I must be off my face

An Hour and a HeartStanding alone in the afternoon

That’s where you said you’d be

Waiting here for me

But you’re still at home – nothing is new

And I don’t do old so well

Don’t you know that girl?I think you should know

I don’t need to be alone

I’ll change the things I can but you put me in your hands

Now doesn’t that show the power of your words?Just let your yes be yes

Cause you know it hurtsIt’s only an hour you say

I’ve wasted an hour today

It’s only an hour to you but

I’ve wasted an hour and a heart on youOpen my eyes, shut down my trust

Teach me to live by sight

No, that’s not alright

So let me rise to the challenge of love

I won’t give up because

It’s not good enough

My Sisters Wedding SongLost in your eyes

I’m drowning and holding onto you

You came to my life

And you changed all my lines

Now they’re all for youThere must be a million fish in the sea

But you are the only one for me

There must be a million stars in the sky

Which one was made for you and I?How could it be

That I never believed

I would find you here?It’s funny how a lifetime of change can be captured in just one dayTake this TownThere’s a blessing in the city tonight

So get on down into it

And the starlit sky is open wide

Like a big warm blanketIt must be perfect

And life is worth it

Every minuteTake this town

Nothing’s free except you and me

We’ve got friends around

With starring roles in our life storiesCome away with me and we’ll learn about

The beautiful things in life

I’ve been trying hard to work it out

I just wanna be by your sideMake the most of your life

Get back to the times of hope and love

And faith like a child

Some CandlesFalling flat on one of my many faces

My broken heart still beating cause it hurts

I can’t feel your arms so mine are useless

You’d have thought that I’d have somehow learntOh I just can’t believe you got hold of me

now I can’t let go

How’d you get my heart like the way it is

So finish what you start, don’t just leave me here

Some candles weren’t meant to burn at both endsLeaving you was hard enough to get right

But all of my mistakes will find a way

All the while I’m crying like a critic

That’s caught up in this episode with meMemories filed away are younger than the first day

That I believed you’d be always here for me

Silver ThingsPlatform stands tell me where I am

Ten years late but I still made the 6am

turns and bends, carriage cornered friends

rest their heads on the shoulders of a happy endPowered skies sending love strong flares

Catch my eyes from the bottom of my bucket chair

Things have changed I’m not young like then

Getting away is now my only window in

and all I’ve hoped and dreamed of is fading awaylove’s a flare, a bright red flare

looking for me but I’m not thereGod above help me understand

That broken means can still result in perfect ends

And when my kids, the 21st century legends

Teach me this

Maybe I can be like them?

She’s so StarkShe beams her stories through darker nights

She dreams on standby to satellites

She greets my heart with occasioned smiles

She takes the momentShe’s so me

My wonder

She’s so starkShe’s in her own world and far behind

She makes the trains look like they run on time

She makes the world stand still until it’s right

She hoards the moonlightThat makes the both of us

That makes us what we areShe brings it down on its feet again

She stands her ground with her open hand

And she won’t allow me to understand

DrivingTake me back in time and strand me there

I’m never far away from it

Cause I remember you

You were dancing with my heartbeat

On dusky nights and streetlit streets

You seemed to know the tuneI’m driving through these memories

My heart’s at the wheel

My head’s in the back seat screaming

Colliding with these memories

Telling me that these things that I make

Are stranger than mistakesTake me back to where I was

The day before all this got lost

Before it all fell over

I was lonely in your town

The one way laneways stood their ground

I couldn’t come much closerColliding with these memories

Wondering if these things that I make

Are stranger than mistakesAm I allowed to miss you?Is there glare amongst the coldest heart?

A candle lights a fire starts

I can’t put it out

TuesdayTuesday loves me like you say

You breathe life into my every day

So take a hold and make believe

We can take this world by storms and seasWho would I be without you?

Don’t know

Who would I know if I don’t know you?

Don’t want to knowClouds and I belong outside

As we breathe the air and open wide

Tuesday’s gone by Wednesday night

And the atmosphere is clearly whiteAnd it will be alrightIf I’ve gone by wayside